PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students – 4th Edition

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PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students – 4th Edition

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This top-selling medical pharmacology study tool is now in its Fourth Edition. Targeted for second year medical students to review and prepare for the USMLE Step 1, these updated cards are organized by mechanism, and feature a template format that conveys information needed for learning and retaining the pharmacology concepts as well as for memorization. Five new cards are added to comprise a section, Fundamentals of Pharmacology, plus 50 additional drugs are covered. Other revisions include renaming Side Effects to Adverse Effects, and inclusion of chemical structures retained only where a clear connection to the mechanism applies.

Now in its Fourth Edition, PharmCards is the best-selling card-based pharmacology review for medical and allied health students. The 300-card set presents both ///Thirty-Fourthfundamental///Thirty-Fourth and organ system-specific information for specific drugs using a standard format. This edition features a new two-color design and more than 150 two-color images. Topic selection is based on the medical pharmacology curriculum determined by the National Board of Medical Examiners.

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